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Lifetime therapies are healing experiences that take us from turmoil to peace


The therapies we offer are designed to enable growth, healing and compassion. Lifetime therapy is rooted in the belief that through acceptance we find comfort and a less troubled way to live.



Lifetime Therapy is a humanist, people-centred practice. We believe that, given the appropriate conditions, every individual has limitless capacity to heal, to come to new thoughts and beliefs and to change the way they view the world, others and themselves.

These changes are often recognised by a growing ability to live in the moment and to apply compassion to self. Through mindful acceptance, supported by an empathic and honest practitioner, improved mental health and freedom from distress can be found.  


Lifetime Therapies


Exploration  ·  Compassion  ·  Peace

One-to-one counselling for anyone experiencing anxiety, depression or other mental unrest.


Healing  ·  Exploration  ·  Growth

Working therapeutically outside brings us into contact with the natural environment as a healing space.


Support  ·  Healing  ·  Peace

One-to-one sessions offering you support and healing when you experience a loss or bereavement.


Support  ·  Empathy ·  Change

Often experienced as stronger than the sum of its parts, a group provides a space where seemingly impossible change can occur.


Honesty  ·  Acceptance ·  Empathy

A bespoke series of therapies for people with addictions. Lifetime offers you support in making a lasting change.


Patience  ·  Warmth  ·  Collaboration

Therapy to support us through the stresses that all relationships can experience.


Growth  ·  Support  ·  Empowerment

Support for counselling or psychotherapy practitioners to empower you in your professional growth.


Flexibility  ·  Comfort  ·  Continuity  

Anywhere means just that: with clients in Nepal and Mexico as well as London and St Ives,  our practice recognises no barriers to your growth.